About the Friends

About Garfield Park:
Garfield Park has special historical status within the District as one of the seventeen original
federal appropriations purchased by the government in 1792 and described by location and
function in a note accompanying Andrew Ellicott’s engraving of the L’Enfant plan. Originally identified by L’Enfant as a site for a grand cascade, this land – Original Appropriation No. 17 (Reservation 17) – was improved and transformed into a public park in the late nineteenth century and named Garfield Park. For over two centuries – despite various threats and encroachments over the years by both public and private interests – the land has remained an open public space. Garfield Park is bounded by several significant diagonal avenues which were an integral component of the L’Enfant plan, providing important views between prominent sites within the city. The historic residential neighborhood surrounding the park is significant as part of the Capitol Hill Historic District, which has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places since 1976.

To read a very thorough (and interesting) history of Garfield Park, click here.

About the Friends of Garfield Park:
The Friends of Garfield Park is non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that maintains and improves Garfield Park. The organization was founded on March 2, 1998 and was given its tax exemption status by the Internal Revenue Service on October 8, 1998. Our mission is to continually make improvements to the park so that all who wish to can enjoy it.

Our beautiful park is bordered by the following streets in Washington, DC:

- New Jersey Ave. SE on the East
- Virginia Ave. SE/the Southwest Freeway on the South
- 3rd St. SE on the East
- F St. SE/South Caroline Ave. SE on the North

We encourage you to contact us via email at

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